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Dear Partners,

This is the summer to stay home. Oh, the plans we had. Classes end in the middle of July. Things are slow to rev up in August, so, we would have time to work in the garden, do some projects around the house, hang out with friends and family, etc. You know the drill. It’s staycation! Well, that didn’t happen. Life took off like a shot. Classes ended alright, but … well, remember how “The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” Well, God had other, more surprising and incredible plans for us.

Immediately after classes ended we left for Colorado. We visited a couple in Colorado Springs who shared how God amazingly spared their home in the devastating fire and how they have been ministering to friends and neighbors. Wow!

Continuing on we spent a week attending the Convocation of all 450+ missionaries of Camino Global in Estes Park. It was gorgeous! But even better than the scenery was all that we heard. It’s almost too much to tell it. Briefly, Dr. Bill Lawrence reminded us that God will work most effectively in our lives when we accept our inadequacies and recognize that He is adequate for every job. He must work through us. Wow! Dr. Hans Finzel spoke about managing change both in our lives and in our ministries. God is able to manage both. Hmm! Then not only did we discover all that was involved in the name change of our mission, from CAM International to Camino Global, but we were introduced to the new president of our mission, Doug Livingston. He spoke of the exciting new goals to reach the Spanish-speaking world. We are still trying to take in all the information we received. Wow!

On the way home, we had the privilege of delivering Carlos Lopez, the new Rector of SETECA, our Seminary in Guatemala, to the airport in Dallas. For 16 hours over two days, we got to hear of all the exciting plans for the Seminary. We will be sharing some of these plans with you in days to come. We were overwhelmed with the news of what God is doing. Wow! But, that was not all.

We returned home on a Sunday and the following Tuesday, a day and half later, we were on our way to Scotland. We were privileged to spend a week and a half encouraging and counseling a couple in Glasgow, and encouraging a couple in Edinburgh. The Glasgow wife is an alumnus (Masters degree) of SETECA. The Edinburgh husband, also an alumnus of SETECA, is working on his Ph.D at the University of Edinburgh and will be returning to SETECA to teach in two years.

This summer we had a front row seat to some of God’s quiet Wonders of the World. No, we didn’t get to the Olympics or see the Highlands. We didn’t see Aberdeen or play golf at St. Andrews, but we saw God at work. A home saved amidst the flames raised up servants in a charred neighborhood. God’s work in leaders and institutions encouraged hundreds of missionaries. Two couples, Salt of the Earth, are moving forward! May God increase their tribes! It was worth the trip! WOW! WOW! WOW! To think we almost stayed home.

The challenge of discipleship continues. We are looking forward and praying about what God will do in the future through the expanded vision of Camino Global and our participation in that vision. Please be in prayer with us for expanded opportunities for outreach and discipleship.

Grateful for your partnership,
Alvin & Laurie Thompson
14505 Greenbrier Blvd
Forney, TX 7516

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